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“With Heli Service International we have a professional partner with whom we maintain a close and dedicated collaboration.”                          

TenneT Offshore Flightops

Crew Transfers

With a strong emphasis on safety, efficiency and reliability we transfer offshore service personnel and cargo onto wind energy plants and platforms. This kind of operation requires precise planning, up to minute weather knowledge, and exceptional pilot availability. Contrary to popular belief, it’s safer, faster, and cheaper to travel with helicopters than other means. Flights can be planned and performed at any time – even on short notice.

Our friendly and well trained ground handling team guides you through our check-in procedures and safety briefings. For your safety we provide the latest survival equipment of the market leaders.

Hoisting (Helicopter Hoist Operations)

All of Heli Service International’s helicopters are equipped with the extremely reliable hoist system of market leader Goodrich.

Our company relies exclusively on well trained pilots and hoist operators while all procedures are under continual development and improvement in cooperation with the customers. Experienced crews and reliable equipment ensure the highest safety level.

The AW 139 was the first of its type in Germany specially mounted with a dual winch.

Heli Service is the world’s first operator of AW 169 especially designed and equipped for offshore hoist missions.


Heli Service offers offshore companies preparing their personnel for future hoist operations by training them as Helicopter Hoist Passengers.

Furthermore, we offer training to become a Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO).


Our approved maintenance facility (Part 145) in Emden performs MRO on 3rd party helicopters. The maintenance team is staffed with personnel certified to release for service, according to EASA Part 145. From Heli Service you receive safety and quality for helicopters manufactured by Leonardo – Finmeccanica (former AgustaWestland), Sikorsky, Airbus (Eurocopter) and Bell.
The maintenance operation is an authorized training facility for aircraft mechanics allowing it to train its employees according to the needs of the company.


On behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany, our company provides ship-based helicopters for expeditions. The BO 105 and the BK 117 are especially equipped for research flights on board of the icebreaker RV Polarstern. The pilot’s tasks on board are multifaceted, ranging from passenger and cargo transportation to geographical survey-flights and wildlife census as well as observation.

Heli Service International is the only company in Germany which regularly takes part in expeditions on the polar sea.

HEMS - Help from the air

Heli Service has been providing air ambulance support since 2003. Aboard the research vessel RV Polarstern our helicopters serve as means for the recovery of injured personnel to the Polarstern or nearby treatment facilities.

In case of an accident in a wind farm in the German Bight or in the Baltic Sea, air rescue is the backbone of every rescue concept. Only by helicopter patients can quickly and safely reach the nearest clinic to the offshore facilities.


The Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation of Heli Service International provides all services mandated by European Air Regulations to ensure that not only all aircraft of our fleet but also customer’s aircraft are always in continuous airworthy condition. This organisation is approved according to EASA Part-M (Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014) by the Germany civil aviation authority Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) under the approval number DE.MG.322AOC.


The aircraft manufacturers, the aviation authorities and the manufacturer of components and equipment require comprehensive inspections and overhaul of aircraft and components. This inspection tasks are compiled in the Aircraft Maintenance Program, which is approved by the Luffahrt-Bundesamt. All maintenance of the aircraft must be ultimately performed acc. to this program.


The Inspections due dates of the helicopters, their engines, components and equipment are monitored by the CAMO staff members. The CAMO creates work orders and orders the performance of this inspections at the own or at another contracted approved maintenance organisation.


Preventive maintenance is ensured by the analyses of the aircraft reliability program and monitoring of aircraft system parameters using for example the HUMS system (Health & Usage Monitoring System). This enables the CAMO to adjust maintenance program tasks or order maintenance work in advance before a system fails or a repair becomes necessary.


Furthermore, Heli Service CAMO holds the privilege to extend and re-issue the Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) after a comprehensive review of the aircraft and its documentation. Heli Service International’s CAMO uses a modern integrated aircraft management software called “The Gannet” for an efficient comprehensive accomplishment of all duties.

Safety, Quality & Compliance Monitoring

The organization Safety, Quality and Compliance Monitoring delivers organizational and technical structure to ensure, maintain and continuously improve the quality and safety as laid out in the approved manuals.
The guidance and structure promotes a culture of continuous reporting thorough awareness and regular audits, as well as ongoing education / training of our employees.
All activities in the space of Safety, Quality, and Compliance Monitoring are linked to each other ensuring we have an immaculate and highly functional organization for safe operations at all times.