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“Heli Service is a great choice. Saftey is their highest priority and an integral part of their day to day operations. Their dedication to safetygoes much further than just the word, it is in their veins.”

Jesse Don; HSE Manager


The Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation of Heli Service International provides all services mandated by European Air Regulations to ensure that not only all aircraft of our fleet but also customer’s aircraft are always in continuous airworthy condition. This organisation is approved according to EASA Part-M (Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014) by the Germany civil aviation authority Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) under the approval number DE.MG.322AOC.


The aircraft manufacturers, the aviation authorities and the manufacturer of components and equipment require comprehensive inspections and overhaul of aircraft and components. This inspection tasks are compiled in the Aircraft Maintenance Program, which is approved by the Luffahrt-Bundesamt. All maintenance of the aircraft must be ultimately performed acc. to this program.


The Inspections due dates of the helicopters, their engines, components and equipment are monitored by the CAMO staff members. The CAMO creates work orders and orders the performance of this inspections at the own or at another contracted approved maintenance organisation.


Preventive maintenance is ensured by the analyses of the aircraft reliability program and monitoring of aircraft system parameters using for example the HUMS system (Health & Usage Monitoring System). This enables the CAMO to adjust maintenance program tasks or order maintenance work in advance before a system fails or a repair becomes necessary.


Furthermore, Heli Service CAMO holds the privilege to extend and re-issue the Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) after a comprehensive review of the aircraft and its documentation. Heli Service International’s CAMO uses a modern integrated aircraft management software called “The Gannet” for an efficient comprehensive accomplishment of all duties.

Safety, Quality & Compliance

The organisation Safety, Quality and compliance management provides organisational and technical structures to ensure, maintain and continuously improve the quality and safety as laid out in the approved manuals plus EU legislations.

They will promote positive just culture including reporting culture though awareness building via audits, Checks and continuous education.

They are directly linked to all activities yet own entity towards senior management to remain impartial.

They create a risk management programme that contains a hazards register which is based on actual reports from the year previous which will indicate the 5 major risk areas where attention would need to be projected by senior management.

Basically they are the safety champions that mitigate risk when given reports or through findings during the annual audit plan. The mitigations are then evaluated to make sure they were mitigated effectively to avoid reoccurrence.