About HeliService

The global energy demand is enormous. Wind power is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy production. This is one of the reasons why there are already almost 1,200 wind turbines in the German North and Baltic Seas. Around 1,000 more offshore wind turbines are being planned. They generate enough energy to replace several nuclear power plants.

With its state-of-the-art helicopter fleet in the North and Baltic Seas, HeliService offers a full spectrum of services on site for the growing wind farm industry: From freight and passenger transport to converter platforms and jack-up vessels to hoist operations on wind turbines and boats. Personnel training, equipment and consulting are also part of the spectrum of services.

In addition, HeliService permanently provides helicopters for the RV Polarstern expedition icebreaker.
As a certified Leonardo Service Center, HeliService also undertakes the maintenance of all of the Leonardo helicopter models AW109, AW139 and AW169 for other flight operations.

“The special feature of HeliService is our international team of highly motivated employees, who all have the same goal: HeliService makes every day a little bit better in order to offer its customers the best possible service.” Harald Heimerdinger, Chief Pilot and Head of Standardization


Our philosophy


We believe in people. People are our most important asset. Engaging the right people, developing them, and helping them to succeed is the foundation of our

Customer Offering

We strive to offer the best logistical solution to our customers, involving helicopters and beyond. The Best means: smart, economic, flexible and reliable.

Customer Experience

A satisfied customer at all times is our goal. Punctuality, flexibility, timely and accurate communication and, at all times, a safe and friendly environment lead to that.


Strong relationships are the basis of our business. We invest in long lasting relationships with our customers, our employees and our suppliers and strive for true partnership.

Trust and Integrity

We believe in being “brutally” honest. We place great emphasis on integrity towards our customers, our colleagues and our partners, and we are fully transparent, even if it means disclosing an inconvenient truth.

Safety & Compliance

We regard safety & compliance as a key driver to our business. As core values, we will never compromise safety or compliance.


Our strategy is for the long term. We believe that doing the right things with persistence and diligence will lead to good results for our customer, employees and for the owners of the company.

»We believe in people. People are our most important asset.«
Our philosophy


With over 30 years of experience in commercial aviation, HeliService is one of the most experienced companies in offshore flight operations. During this time, HeliService has developed from being an aviation-inspired medium-sized enterprise to a German market leader and a highly reliable and valued partner for the offshore wind energy industry. Milestones in the history of HeliService also include playing a key support role in research projects, such as the RV Polarstern.