Leonardo AW 139


The Leonardo AW139 is a milestone in helicopter development.

The AW139 was developed in collaboration between Agusta and Bell as AB139 and later continued by Agusta alone. After the merger of Agusta (IT) and Westland (UK) into AgustaWestland, today Leonardo Helicopters, it is called AW139. Today, the AW139 is the market leader among medium helicopters and more than 900 units have been produced in Italy, the US and Russia.

The AW139 offers great passenger comfort and considerable excess power. Flight crews around the world appreciate the flight behaviour and spacious modern glass cockpit.

HeliService uses the latest version of the AW139 with an increased take-off weight of 7,000 kg. Offshore flights are carried out with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers.

Leonardo AW 139
Maximum take-off weight:7,000 kg
Travel speed: 140 kts | 259 km/h
Transport capacity:12 passengers
Endurance: 3.5 hours
Hoist load: 272 kg (dual)