MOSAiC startet
MOSAiC startet

MOSAiC startet

A year in the Artic Ice – MOSAiC has startet


On September the 20th Alfred-Wegener Institute’s MOSAiC expedition has started in Tromsø having first team of HeliService International GmbH on board.
On board the German icebreaker are the pilots Carsten Zillgen, Ingo Volgger and the technicians Dave Stenssen and Alberto Garcia.
They are the first crew flying with the HeliService Airbus helicopters under registration D-HARK and D-HAPS.
Before the one-year “trapped in ice” mission began, our team had some work to do for the upcoming expedition.
The final preparations for MOSAiC included the last touch of adding the scientific equipment from AWI in the helicopters, meetings with the customer and a safety briefing on survival in the Arctic for all expedition members.
During the expedition, HeliService pilots and technicians continue to train at various locations with the third Airbus helicopter.
The ones coordinating and planning the training are our Polarstern Coordinator- Mihaela Hauptmann and HeliService Pilot/Polarstern Manager-Xavier Picard.
“It is an honour for both Xavier and me to be part of this outstanding project. MOSAiC is on a total different scale as an Arctic research expedition. We give our best to support our customer during MOSAiC and we are here for our team to train them and make them feel confident before they go on board the ship”, said Mihaela Hauptmann.

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