What features are important for passengers when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE)? What special requirements should PPE meet during a hoisting operation?


These and other questions were the focus of this year’s HeliService “PPE Day”.

Exhibitors and customers gathered at the Heli-Haus in Emden to discuss the selection and use of personal protective equipment in a relaxed setting. On behalf of manufacturers Hansen Protection and Viking, Survitec and Heli PPE showed the latest models of their PPE and explained their possible applications. 

Raul Hafner, check-in employee, and Michel Duarte Diniz, hoist operator at HeliService, demonstrated how PPE is used in everyday operations. They highlighted the different equipment requirements that are necessary depending on the type of transport – whether being set down on a platform or winching directly onto a wind turbine.  

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for each passenger on flights across open sea. As a rule, a company that enters into a contract with HeliService selects the individual components before starting collaboration. HeliService works with all major providers of survival suits and life vests.
The appropriate protective equipment is handed over from a pool of provided suits and vests, matched to the passengers’ respective size.
After the safety briefing, the passengers will put on their PPE in the spacious changing rooms and HeliService staff check that the equipment is fitting correctly before leaving the check-in area.

Current PPE models that are used daily by HeliService were presented in detail. There was an open discussion during the demonstration about the advantages with regard to the different types of use. Following the presentations by experts Torsten Dittbrenner (Survitec) and Michael Hålberg (Heli PPE), many participants took the opportunity to see the quality and functionality of the protective suits for themselves. Many appreciated the opportunity to clarify individual questions and give mutual feedback through one-on-one discussions with representatives of the manufacturing companies. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) generally consists of an immersion suit and life jacket and is indispensable and mandatory equipment for every passenger on an offshore flight. HeliService currently offers its customers a choice of four different models:


Hansen Protection: 


Do you still have questions about the event? Interested in reserving a spot for our next information day? Then feel free to send us an e-mail to: info@heliservice.de

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