Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Reaction time to customer requests

If technical support is requested, HeliService will contact OEMs complementary 24/7 remote
technical assistance.

Maintenance Services

Compliance to quoted price

We offer flat rates for basic inspections. Any changes to the plan which changes the price will be subject to prior customer approval.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance task completion as promised

we plan effectively so that we start and complete each maintenance event to customer requirements. Any change which may be required during maintenance actions are clearly communicated to the customer.

Maintenance Services

Response time to deploy technical recourses

In case of AOG requirements, HeliService will deploy a qualified repair team within 24 hours from Emden to the
customers site.

Maintenance Services

Availability of parts

HeliService’s own parts supply ensures a high availably of parts. In addition, early and detailed planning allows us to look ahead and ensure we order parts in time. As Leonardo Service Centre we do have a broad access to parts in the worldwide network.

HeliService’s Maintenance Facilities

Facility Emden

Our main maintenance base in Emden, Germany, is an accredited Authorized Leonardo Service Centre, offering our customers the same high standards of maintenance as our own offshore operation demands, across the range of AW109, AW139 and AW169 helicopters and with all the advantages of the close relationship and responsive support of Leonardo Helicopters. Upon request we are also able to provide maintenance support for various Airbus helicopter types.


6 Base Maintenance slots
Additional 4 Line Maintenance stations
Full Maintenance and CAMO capabilities
Full tool set for AW139, AW169 and AW109 helicopters
Large stock for AW139 and AW169 helicopters

Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services

Facility Munich/Oberpfaffenhofen

At the airport of Oberpfaffenhofen some 20km distant from the city centre of Munich, HeliService has established a large dedicated Maintenance Centre for Corporate Aircraft. The facility is fully secured, with a large hangar, workshops, parts storage, offices, as well as a meeting room and customer lounge.
The airport of Munich/Oberpfaffenhofen is privately owned and operated. It can accommodate medium to large jets and is 24/365 accessible for its customers.


6 Base Maintenance slots
Short and long-term hangarage available for customers upon request
Full Maintenance and CAMO capabilities
Full tools set for AW109 and AW169 helicopters
Large stock for AW109 helicopters

Full status and progress overview

Life view on aircraft maintenance progress

Indication and explanation of any delays

Revised update on expected completion date

Transparent approval status

Findings are documented and detailed

Proposal is provided including cost & time estimate

Customer approved mitigation measures

Cost control

Full overview of expected total cost

Update on any additional costs

All invoices, own and 3rd party, in one place

Full documentation

Entire maintenance is documented

All work cards are available to the customer

Any additional reports are made available

Customer Information Portal

For each maintenance job, HeliService sets up the aircraft, as well as the work to be conducted in the CIP – Customer Information Portal. The CIP is a web-based portal which allows you, the customer, to have full transparency on the status and progress of your aircraft.
The CIP was born out of our own experience when outsourcing maintenance work. The work was often late, poorly communicated, and with the status of the aircraft and the delivery schedule of much needed parts unclear. In addition, frequent cost overruns were considered normal. With the CIP we provide our customers full transparency on cost and timeline. The portal provides full insight on the status of the aircraft in terms of completion, down to individual work cards. It further is used as a documentation and approval tool for any findings which might have come up in  the course of the maintenance. Finally, we document and outline the costs associated with the maintenance work, which is the time spent on the aircraft, the costs of components and any ancillary costs which might have occurred.

Maintenance Services

1. Project Description

  • Description of the helicopter: type, registration, picture, flight hours
  • Description of the maintenance to be conducted
  • Any particularities
  • Customer name
Maintenance Services

2. Timeline

  • Projected timeline, at the time of the order:
    – Planned start of the maintenance
    – Actual start of the maintenance
    – Planned progress of the maintenance
    – Actual progress of the maintenance
    – Planned completion of the aircraft
    – Projected completion of the aircraft
Maintenance Services

3. Detailed Progress

  • A full overview on the progress of the aircraft maintenance
  • Each work card which is planned to be conducted as well as each completed work card is shown
  • Each work card shows a brief description of the very task to be conducted, the work card identifier and the status of completion.
  • The customer can follow in full detail, how the maintenance of the aircraft is proceeding
Maintenance Services

4. Findings & Approvals

  • Any findings which are identified either prior or during the maintenance are documented
  • There is a short description to each finding
  • All findings are rated
  • The expected time schedule and man hours to mitigate the finding as well as the component costs are provided
  • Customers are asked to review and approve findings via the portal or go through the process jointly with HeliService
Maintenance Services

5. Spare Parts

  • Availability of spare parts and / or late delivery of spare parts is the number one reason for aircraft not being completed as planned
  • Full transparency on the status of components needed for the maintenance work
  • The customer can see whether parts are on stock or have been ordered
  • If parts have been ordered the customer can see the order date, the order urgency and the promised delivery time
Maintenance Services

6. Contact Details

  • The contact details of the respective responsible personnel are provided
  • Starting with the responsible maintenance manager
  • Each aircraft has one responsible maintenance manager throughout the entire maintenance job
  • The head of maintenance, the accountable manager as well as the commercial contact are listed
Maintenance Services

7. Contractual & Commercial

  • The original contract as well as all commercial invoices are collected
  • You can not only find the invoices for the work conducted by HeliService, but also any third party invoices