Safety, Quality & Compliance

The offshore environment is potentially hazardous for those who are unprepared. HeliService employs modern helicopters with numerous redundant systems which are comprehensively maintained to the highest standards. Our helicopters are also fitted with safety and emergency equipment suitable for the envirnment.

The most important authority for this is the Department of Safety, Quality and Compliance Management. It is the one that creates the organisational and technical structures to ensure, maintain and continuously improve the safety and quality as set out in the relevant accredited handbooks and EU legislation.

Within HeliService, these standards are constantly being pushed forward through audits, regular and standardised check-ups and comprehensive training programmes.
The Department of Security, Quality and Compliance Management provides a combining link between the sovereign HeliService departments. The department has a risk management programme based on actual reports that evaluates key risk areas and allows management to take appropriate measures. Continuing goal: Eliminate every little source of danger.

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