Continuing Airworthiness
Management Organisation (CAMO)

Helicopters are very complex aircraft. Many of the individual components are subject to mandatory inspection intervals or must be replaced after a defined period of time. The extensive inspections, overhauls and replacement periods are prescribed by the manufacturers of the helicopter and equipment and construction parts as well as by the aviation authorities.

The Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation, CAMO for short, is responsible for monitoring the continuing airworthiness of the HeliService helicopter fleet and is approved in accordance with EASA Part-M (Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014) by the German civil aviation authority Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) (Federal Aviation Office) under the approval number DE.MG.322AOC. It performs annual airworthiness reviews and it certifies or extends these certificates (ARC EASA Form 15).

Heli Service CAMO uses modern, integrated management software called “Gannet” for the efficient, comprehensive performance of its tasks.

The tasks of CAMO include:

  • Preparing and revising maintenance programmes
  • Monitoring and complying with authority requirements (AD)
  • Monitoring of terms of components and inspections
  • Planning of maintenance events and assignment of work
  • Assessing and monitoring of modifications and repairs

Preventive maintenance is guaranteed through safety programme analyses and monitoring of system parameters with e.g. the HUMS system (Health & Usage Monitoring System). This allows the CAMO to adjust its maintenance programme tasks or schedule maintenance in advance before a system fails or requires repair.

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