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Crew Change

The replacement of the entire crew on service platforms or ships is one of the standard requirements for the operation, maintenance and construction of new wind farms. Crew replacement should work according to a routine, time-saving, safe and cost-sensitive manner.

With a strategically optimised and state-of-the-art terminal and helicopter fleet in the North Sea, HeliService offers optimum conditions for smooth crew changes. The areas – check-in, technology, ground operation, flight operations and dispatch – are perfectly interlinked: Upon arrival at the check-in area, each passenger receives an intensive flight briefing, including safety video and on-flight code of conduct. Spacious dressing rooms, including well-equipped wet areas, are provided for the putting on and taking off of the reserved and optimally maintained personal protective equipment (PPE).

In parallel with putting on the equipment, cargo and baggage are loaded, final flight preparations are made and the weather conditions are finally checked by the two-member flight crew. In order to reduce operating times and flying hours, return flights can be combined with the crew change and approach nearby wind farms one after the other. Take-off, flight and landing are therefore made as pleasant as possible for passengers.