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Helicopter Hoist Operation

In offshore wind farms, hoist operations, where people are placed directly onto the nacelle of a wind turbine using the helicopter hoist, are almost daily requirements. The helicopter can optimally utilise many of its advantages, especially in challenging weather and wave conditions.

Only optimally trained and very experienced hoist operators are deployed. And to ensure competence and cofidence for the person at the other end of the line, HeliService regularly offers training courses for passengers for whom hoist operations are likely.

A look back at the past shows just how advanced HeliService is in the field of hoist operations: HeliService was the first helicopter operator in Germany to operate the Leonardo AW139 with a specially assembled dual hoist.

And even today, HeliService once again shows a pioneering spirit in the area of hoisting: HeliService is the first operator worldwide to use the Leonardo AW169 for offshore use. Leonardo AW169 has been specially designed in close cooperation with the manufacturer for hoist use on the open sea.

“I like working at HeliService because it challenges me every day and I can meet new challenges with a great team.” Dennis Bender, IT Manager


Hoist Training for passengers