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3rd party CAMO

Airworthiness Management and Consulting

The EU’s continuing airworthiness policy (EASA Part-M) requires extensive knowledge and skills in the management of aircraft. The scope of the requirements requires an efficient organisation with appropriately qualified and experienced personnel.

HeliService has a highly qualified team with many years of experience to provide customers with the necessary support in critical key issues. In addition, a special Aircraft Management Software supports the effective and efficient execution of all activities.

Continuing Airworthiness Management
for Complex Aircraft – not just for Helicopters

Customers benefit from HeliService’s many years of experience, qualifications and systems by making the CAMO activities available to other helicopter operators as well as to aircraft operators.

The experience gained over the last 30 years in operating or managing various helicopter types and the challenges of flight operations make HeliService one of the most experienced companies in the industry.

The Airworthiness Management Organisation offers the following services:

  • Complete takeover of CAMO services for non-commercial operators
  • Subcontracted Airworthiness Management Tasks – SCAMT) also for commercial and non-commercial airlines
  • Renewal of the ARC and airworthiness review and issue of a recommendation to the Authority
  • General Advice for Continuing Airworthiness/Aircraft Management

CAMO services are always offered customised according to the respective needs. The personnel and organisational effort by the customer is reduced to a minimum. These offers are aimed at individuals, corporate air traffic and commercial aviation companies as well as other owners of complex aircraft such as banks, leasing companies and insurance companies.

The consulting services are available in all phases of aircraft operation. Customers get the advice they need. From project planning to obtaining regulatory approvals.

Current approval scope (as of August 2018):

  • AgustaWestland (Leonardo) AB139 / AW139 [incl. airworthiness review]
  • AgustaWestland (Leonardo) AW169 [incl. airworthiness review]
  • Airbus Helicopters MBB-BK 117 Series [incl. airworthiness review]

The scope of approval will be extended to other aircraft types upon customer request.

Other services from HeliService

Advice on

  • obtaining permits (AOC, CAMO, Part-145)
  • cost analyses
  • contracts
    • leasing contracts
    • maintenance contracts
    • OEM support contracts (e.g., PBH)
  • configuration of aircraft
  • personnel planning and assessment
  • infrastructure planning (hangar, warehouse, offices, workshops, outstations)

Advice on the introduction of Aircraft Management Software

  • Risk assessment and risk minimisation
  • Project management
  • Adaptation of processes and workflows
  • Support with data import

Supplier monitoring – deputy participation in production and lay times

  • Base maintenance
  • Aircraft production
  • Engine/APU overhaul
  • Leasing returns