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3rd Party Maintenance

Maintenance according to EASA Part-145

HeliService is a helicopter maintenance organisation approved in accordance with EASA Part-145. An accredited and authorised Leonardo Service Center, HeliService has customer-dedicated workshops and hangar areas that meet all helicopter maintenance needs from scheduled maintenance to repairs and modifications. HeliService offers customised maintenance support packages for the following helicopters::

  • Leonardo Helicopters AW109
  • Leonardo Helicopters AW169
  • Leonardo Helicopters AW139
  • Airbus MBB BK117

In addition, HeliService offers AOG (Aircraft On Ground) services to ensure that the helicopter is airworthy as soon as possible.
Another service is the inspection, checking and evaluation of aircraft before purchase.

“Finally, experience in a maintenance area is the determining factor on whether maintenance can be performed with the required expertise.” Oliver Freiland, Chief Executive of HeliService

Continuing Airworthiness According to EASA Part-M

The Planning of Maintenance
Essential aspects of the HeliService maintenance services are the exact evaluation of the components, the knowledge of the maintenance contents and the subsequent development of individual work packages. The Part-M department works with the same precision, care and technology as the Part-145 team, ensuring that the customer’s aircraft is always in safe hands.

Maintenance for Customers – The Highest Standards
When it comes to helicopter maintenance, HeliService operates to the highest standard and differs significantly from other maintenance companies:

  • Expertise, experience and size
  • Accurate planning and on-time delivery
  • Complete transparency in terms of status, effort and costs

HeliService uses the same proven process flows, same timing, same highly specialised and licensed engineers, and the highest quality components used in its own flight equipment when servicing its customer helicopters.

“One of our mottos is: ‘Be brutally honest’ and for that you also have to be ‘brutally transparent’.”
Oliver Freiland, Chief Executive of HeliService

1. Expertise, experience and size
“Finally, accumulated expertise in a maintenance area is the determining factor on whether maintenance can be performed with the required expertise. It also requires a certain amount of business to employ a large number of highly specialised professionals.”

HeliService has over 30 years of experience in helicopter maintenance and employs a large number of experienced aircraft mechanics and certifying staff, providing the full range of helicopter maintenance 7 days per week and over 2 shifts per day.

2. Accurate planning and on-time delivery
“Keeping promises is our fundamental business understanding. As with our own machines, accurate planning and meticulous execution is the backbone of the operation”

An essential part of any inspection or maintenance is the assessment of the expected scope and the associated duration and the resulting costs. HeliService uses a system that has been built up over many years to document and analyse the scope of maintenance and the costs. By using this modern technology, HeliService creates a customised, clearly structured and detailed action plan. Every aspect of maintenance or inspection has its own clearly defined workflow structure with specially assigned technicians. In this way, deadlines are met and a high-quality end product is delivered.

3. Complete transparency in terms of status, effort and costs
“We do not like surprises or secrets. One of our mottos is: ‘Be brutally honest’ and for that you also have to be ‘brutally transparent’.”

HeliService is convinced that every business relationship must be based on honest, open and timely communication. If required or if requirements go beyond the scheduled service or if unexpected problems occur during maintenance, HeliService will contact the customer immediately. Thus, the best course of action is discussed and unpleasant surprises are excluded.
HeliService has a large, well-stocked warehouse, which not only fully serves its own fleet but can also be used to easily handle large maintenances for third-party customers. The longstanding close contact with the most important suppliers guarantees that the right spare parts are available at the right price.

Service Spectrum

HeliService offers the full range of scheduled maintenance checks according to the Leonardo Helicopters Maintenance Manuals:
AW139 – Inspection after 300, 600, 1200, 2400 hours and annual inspection
AW169 – Inspection after 400, 800, 1600 hours and annual inspection

HeliService prices are competitive because existing capacities can be used, the importance of cash flow and reliability aspects are clearly defined and supplier discounts are generally passed on to the customer.
HeliService also offers competitive conditions for certain maintenance packages up to customised price agreements for anticipated frequencies of operation.