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Passenger Handling

HeliService’s professional check-in service begins with the reception of passengers who are served drinks and snacks during their waiting time until departure.

Passengers and baggage are weighed in good time so that flight operations can make flawless flight preparations. A & O is responsible for complete communication between ground and flight operations and for smooth, instant flight handling of passengers.

While the passengers receive instructions on how to safely and correctly use their personal protective equipment and instructions for emergency situations during the safety briefing, the check-in staff will take care of luggage and freight. It is uniquely assigned to the respective destinations to ensure a safe arrival.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is prescribed for each passenger on flights across open sea. As a rule, a company that enters into a contract with HeliService selects the individual components before starting collaboration. HeliService works with all major survival vests and life vests providers.
The appropriate protective equipment is handed over from a pool of provided suits and vests, matched to the passengers’ respective size.
After the safety briefing, the passengers will put on their PPE in the spacious changing rooms and correct fitting will be checked by the HeliService staff before leaving the check-in area. Immediately before the start, the check-in personnel accompanies the passengers to their helicopter and, if necessary, assists them with putting on the safety belts. The previously checked baggage is already in the helicopter at this time. Once the helicopter’s doors are closed, an experienced HeliSerivce flight crew takes over and provides a safe and relaxed journey to the destination.