Cooperation Nakanihon
Cooperation Nakanihon

Alliance between Nakanihon Air Service and HeliService


Cooperation Nakanihon Air Service Co., Ltd. and Heli Service International GmbH
February 9th, 2019

Offshore Wind Energy: Helicopter Logistics Heavyweights Team Up in Japan

Nakanihon Air Service of Japan and HeliService of Germany have established a visionary alliance to develop the Japanese Offshore Helicopter Market and provide a proven, safe, cost-effective and efficient solution to offshore logistics.

With Europe an established Offshore Wind market and Helicopters becoming the predominant means to transport personnel to and from windfarms, decades of experience there has shown how best to make this a reliable backbone of logistics.

Helicopters are by far the most efficient way to transport passengers to wind turbines and are also the safest. In addition, helicopters can be deployed largely independent of weather conditions, allowing for a significantly higher planning reliability vs. e.g. vessels.

Japan is an as yet underdeveloped Offshore Wind market, though the first installations will be in place as early as 2019.

With Japan being a high-technology country, one can expect that Offshore Wind parks will be built fast and to the volume as planned today. By 2030 Japan Wind Power Association expects Japan will have a capacity of 10GW installed.

With state-of-the-art offshore helicopter operations, and industry-leading helicopter standards in the mature European offshore wind farm market, HeliService and Nakanihon Air Service built the alliance to establish helicopter operations of the highest quality with a foundation consisting of decades of real-world experience achieved in Europe, to ensure the highest standards in Japan from the get-go.

The two companies join forces to provide comprehensive logistics solutions to wind farms both in the construction and maintenance phases.

About the partners:

Nakanihon, with 65 years aviation experience and 69 aircraft (61 rotor-wing and 8 fixed wing), is the leading helicopter operator in Japan with extensive experience in helicopter emergency services, cargo, parapublic, aerial filming and a multitude of other aviation services.

HeliService, with 25+ years of experience, is one of the leading operators supporting offshore wind worldwide. HeliService supports all major Offshore Wind Companies both with crew change and hoisting.

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