HeliService is technical partner and part of the minority owner of HeliService Operating Company Taiwan Ltd., HS OPCO for short. HeliService is also involved in Taiwan for the first time related to our competences within helicopter hoist operation and is a part the application for a permit to fly and hoist in Taiwan. HS OPCO is contributing with experience and a proven record of the very specialized operational capabilities. Hoisting to wind turbines is the first of its kind of operation in Taiwan

Taiwan has very high goals for the development of offshore wind energy and represents one of the fastest growing offshore markets worldwide. The same advantages that HS OPCO can offer in Europe also apply here. Intention is to be the largest helicopter hoist operator in Taiwan.

As its first customer, HS OPCO can report a long-term service contract with Vestas Offshore Wind Taiwan for 15 years.

»Das Besondere an HeliService ist unser internationales Team von hochmotivierten Mitarbeitern, die alle das gleiche Ziel haben: HeliService jeden Tag ein kleines Bisschen besser zu machen, um unseren Kunden die bestmögliche Dienstleistung anbieten zu können.«
Harald Heimerdinger, Chief Pilot and Head of Standardization

Our philosophy


We believe in people. People are our most important asset. Engaging the right people, developing them, and helping them to succeed is the foundation of our

Customer Offering

We strive to offer the best logistical solution to our customers, involving helicopters and beyond. The Best means: smart, economic, flexible and reliable.

Customer Experience

A satisfied customer at all times is our goal. Punctuality, flexibility, timely and accurate communication and, at all times, a safe and friendly environment lead to that.


Strong relationships are the basis of our business. We invest in long lasting relationships with our customers, our employees and our suppliers and strive for true partnership.

Trust and Integrity

We believe in being “brutally” honest. We place great emphasis on integrity towards our customers, our colleagues and our partners, and we are fully transparent, even if it means disclosing an inconvenient truth.

Safety & Compliance

We regard safety & compliance as a key driver to our business. As core values, we will never compromise safety or compliance.


Our strategy is for the long term. We believe that doing the right things with persistence and diligence will lead to good results for our customer, employees and for the owners of the company.

»We believe in people. People are our most important asset.«
Our philosophy


Mit 30 Jahren Erfahrung in der kommerziellen Luftfahrt zählt HeliService zu den erfahrensten Unternehmen im Offshore-Flugbetrieb. In dieser Zeit hat sich HeliService von einem flugbegeisterten Mittelständler zum deutschen Marktführer und einem maximal verlässlichen und geschätzten Partner für die Energiewirtschaft entwickelt. Meilensteine in der Geschichte HeliServices.